5 Top Tips on Men's Shoes for Weddings You Need To Know About

5 Top Tips on Men's Shoes for Weddings You Need To Know About

The big wedding day is coming up, and it’s time to plan what you’re going to wear. You want to arrive in style, but you also want to be comfortable.

You have the whole outfit planned out before you realize something. You’re missing dress shoes. You still have a pair from that one wedding you went to back in college, but they have seen better days.

It’s time to invest in a quality pair of men’s dress shoes. And picking men’s shoes for weddings is a whole other task in itself, so sit tight.

Your ultimate guide for finding the best men’s shoes for a wedding is here, all you have to do is keep reading.

How to Buy Men’s Shoes for Weddings

Dress shoes can be a pricey investment for some, but they are an important one. Often, dress shoes will last you a long time, both on the dance floor and in the years to come.

The hard part is finding a pair that fits just right while being the right price.

Don’t be afraid to shop around a bit, and try on many different styles, sizes, and colors until you find the pair that works best.

Match Your Shoes to the Venue

Regardless of what style or color shoes match your favorite suit, you must also consider what kind of venue the wedding will be at.

By selecting the wrong shoes, you risk ruining fancy wedding shoes, or worse, sticking out like an overdressed waiter at a casual beach wedding. This is why taking the venue into consideration is a must.

If you’re looking for a sleek, urban look, Oxfords will be your go-to. But if the vows are being exchanged in a rustic barn or hillside setting, Monks or Loafers might be a better fit.

On the chance you’re invited to witness an elopement or take part in one yourself, you may not wear a suit at all.

You’ll still want to make the occasion feel special though, so consider a pair of dress shoes that mix well with more casual attire. There are even options for dress shoes that go well with jeans.

Match Your Shoes to Your Suit

While many suit and shoe colors are neutral enough to mix and match, there are some tried-and-true color combinations you can rely on.

A blue or navy suit with brown or black shoes is a classy and reliable look, while a gray suit is equally as flexible.

For tan and khaki looks, make sure to choose a brown dress shoe that is at least one shade darker than your suit.

Dance Down the Aisle

Once you have the perfect dress shoes for a wedding, you’re ready to dance on down the aisle. If you still find you have trouble finding just the right pair, or maybe you have a specific style or color in mind, you can check out options for customizing your dress shoes.

Hopefully, you’ll find a pair of men’s shoes for weddings, special events, and beyond. And you’ll feel more confident than ever strutting your style.

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