9 Reasons to Buy Sustainable Oxford Shoes

9 Reasons to Buy Sustainable Oxford Shoes

9 Reasons to Buy Sustainable Oxford Shoes


Every year, the average person in the U.S. throws away almost 90 pounds of clothing.

The fast fashion industry is damaging the planet with its high water consumption, textile waste, use of damaging chemicals, and carbon emissions.

Furthermore, recycling these complex garments is a difficult process and fewer than 15% of clothes are recycled in the US.

In this article, we'll look at an alternative to fast fashion - sustainable oxford shoes. By the end of this blog post, you'll have your credit card poised at the ready!

1. Your Shoes CAN Be Recycled

When you've finished with these shoes (which we guarantee will be a long time from now!), you'll simply be able to recycle them with ease.

By doing this, you are decreasing your carbon footprint and reducing landfill. Hopefully, the product will be salvaged and turned into a new pair of shoes for someone else to enjoy.

Furthermore, by recycling, you are preventing the need for companies to collect new materials raw.

2. Know That Employees Are Safe

It's something that many of us put out of our minds while purchasing a cheap pair of designer sneakers. But, this mentality needs to end immediately. We all know we should take responsibility for our purchasing power.

What you spend your money on signifies support for the practices of that business. So, if the company treats workers badly, you are essentially telling them to carry on.

If you care about the employees of shoe companies, then it's worth spending a little more for a quality product. As a result, you'll know that the people that have made your shoe were treated and paid with the dignity they deserve.

3. Customize Your Perfect Shoe

Are you sick of compromising on your footwear? It can be frustrating to find a beautifully shaped Oxford shoe only to find that it has a round toe instead of a square one.

With the Mens Dress Shoe customizer, you can design your dream Oxford shoe. This allows you to be in control of everything from the finishing to the sole, the welt to the materials.

By creating your perfect shoe, you are much less likely to want to throw it away in a few months! No more traipsing around shops to find something that's only half right.

Sustainable shoes may be more expensive, but they offer you all the choices in the world. They are unique and will match your wardrobe for years to come.

5. Feel Proud as You Walk Down the Street

The next time someone asks you about your stunning Oxford shoes, you can tell them all about the ethos behind them. You may convert someone else to sustainable footwear!

By wearing footwear that matches your principles, you will be able to feel proud of yourself and know you're making a difference, if only a small one, in the world!

You're supporting local communities, saying no to fast fashion, and also wearing a pair of shoes that look great! It's a win-win.

6. The Environment Won't Suffer

If you purchase a pair of shoes that you keep for a long time, then you're not wasting money and precious resources on other shoes.

Furthermore, these customized shoes are helping to reduce water waste in the fashion industry, reducing your carbon footprint, and saying no to chemical waste.

Sustainably made shoes don't harm the planet in the same way large corporations do.

7. Support a Small Business

Nowadays, small businesses are struggling with companies like Amazon only making billionaires richer. Small businesses need your help.

If you are looking for a pair of Oxford shoes, then stop supporting companies that treat workers badly and have surging carbon emissions

By opting for a small business, your purchase will be making someone's dream come true, rather than simply adding more dollars to a billionaire's bulging pockets.

Why not also ask your friends and family if you could buy them a pair of customized Oxford shoes for Christmas that they can also design themselves? Alternatively, this is a perfect choice for wedding shoes

8. Say No to Harmful Chemicals

Not only are harmful chemicals damaging to those who are making shoes, but also to the environment, and to yourself! Do you want to be wearing a pair of toxic shoes?

The best way to say no to harmful chemicals is to support sustainable businesses that use sustainable practices in making shoes.

Amazingly, Greenpeace found that there are 11 chemicals regularly used to make our clothing and shoes that contain hormone disruptors, toxins, and carcinogens. Furthermore, these chemicals are not banned!

9. Let's Change the System Completely 

Are you sick of fast fashion companies "greenwashing" products and telling consumers they're now eco-friendly while knowing that they haven't changed a thing?

The best way to completely change the industry is to stop supporting malpractices. By only buying second-hand clothing and sustainably made products, you're sending a strong signal.

Encourage your friends to also buy sustainable products and open up a dialogue. Hopefully, with enough support, we can change the fashion industry for the better!

Sustainable Oxford Shoes Are the Future

Whether you're heading into work or going to a wedding, sustainable Oxford shoes are the way to go! You'll be looking dapper in these shoes and sending a strong statement about what you do and don't condone in the fashion industry!

Check out the customizer now so that you can design your perfect shoe. You won't be disappointed by the huge range of choices to be made!

Looking for more? Make sure you get in touch with us today if you have any questions about our footwear! We guarantee you will love every look you create

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