Business Casual shoe: Dressy Shoes That Lean Slightly Casual

Business Casual shoe: Dressy Shoes That Lean Slightly Casual

          It is no secret how you style yourself plays a big part in representing you. And while we totally agree that outfits do not have to define you, there is nothing wrong in putting your best foot forward; especially in certain settings like the workplace or any formal event.

         “Business Causal” is the staple for these places nowadays and considering how easy it is on the eyes, we can’t really complain! Merging the business world with that of the casual was one exceptional idea – unifying comfort with style.
And of course, since no look is complete without a good pair of shoes, to pair with your business casual outfit, here are some dressy yet casual shoes that every man should include in his closet.

Oxford shoes

          You know that uber-important event that you have been anticipating – be it a job interview, meeting or a wedding – that is where you don a pair of Oxfords. Starting from its fitted, slim shape and closed lacing construction – it is the perfect choice for official settings.

          The credits most definitely go to the designer who had the brilliant idea to conceal the eyelets of the shoes under the vamp itself which is what gives the shoe its characteristic formal yet stylish look.

          The thing about Oxfords, however, is that even though they sound extremely formal, they are also ideal for the business casual world. This essentially means that you could pair it with a suit or some formal chinos and it would still look killer!
A major plus point is that it comes in various styles ranging from very formal to business casual, giving you an option to choose one according to your needs.
Really, nothing is more à la mode than an Oxford and investing on one is an absolutely excellent plan.

Derby shoes
         Looking for something among the men's dress shoes that is slightly less dressy than an Oxford? Then, a Derby is the way to go. Though meant to be worn on formal occasions, it has a more casual feel to it owing to the open lacing construction and visible eyelets on the vamp.
It also certainly does not hurt that they look great when paired with suits, formal trousers and similar clothing.
Derbies are basically the definition of business casual. There is an elegant touch to it and is not as fitting like an Oxford which makes it a more comfortable wear. This could be an important factor for those with high insteps who will find this formal-casual shoe a better option compared to the others.

Brogues and Wingtips
           Coming back to the Oxford family, a Brogue is essentially the same as traditional Oxfords but with its own individuality. The uniqueness comes from the design commonly found on these shoes called broguing. The process of broguing involves using tiny perforations to give the shoes a fashionable look.
Needless to say, the designs are what sets them apart from the most formal shoes of the century. They are slightly less formal than Oxfords– presumably in the same position as a Derby in the scale of formalness. And just like a Derby, they will be a great addition to your wardrobe if your workplace does not require you to be overly formal every day.

            But mind you, they are still pretty high on this list meaning they are suitable for almost any and every business-related occasion and place. It will be a great investment really, since you can wear it flexibly.

          The additional strap of leather near the toe area of wingtips give way to a “W” shape in the vamp of the shoe. The introduction of this style makes brogues and wingtips slightly informal as per the fashion industry.

Monk straps
           Coming out of the world of laced-shoes, this is yet another popular men's dress shoes that are trendy in the business casual word. They come in both single and double straps and can be ideally paired with casual work clothes including trousers, chinos and possibly formal jeans.
That, however, does not mean it is not as chic as the others. It’s just more laid back, allowing for it to be worn more flexibly.
Just to clear the air – straps are not as formal as people think it to be. Men's dress shoes typically come with laces. Hence, monk straps are less formal but still considered an elegant wear. The best part is they look great and will surely garner some attention from those with a fine taste.

Dress boots
Men's dress boots may not have been created for the most formal environments but they are a great wear for anyone who knows how to pull it off. They look especially good with clothes that are trendy but casual, suited for places that are informal. But this just means that they fit the bill for business casual and that is exactly what we are looking for.
Pair them with your work jeans and trousers and you are good to go!
They are not even that different from the dress shoes we talked about earlier – the Oxfords and Derbies to be exact. The fitting and construction can be like either of these formal shoes. The only difference is that they are boots, thus extending above the ankle.

The best time to wear them will obviously be the fall or winter months when you have an appropriate occasion to attend. Unlike normal shoes, these boots will protect you from the cold temperatures and make you look vogue.
Wrapping Up

That brings us to the end of our business casual dress shoes for men. Now that you know all about these options, you should be able to choose which ones to buy or wear, depending on the occasion.

Loafers and Chelsea boots also deserve some special mentions here as they too make the cut for business casual but admittedly are much more informal compared to the ones mentioned above.
All in all, we hope this was helpful for you!

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