Matching Men's Dress Shoes To Your Suit: A Guide

Matching Men's Dress Shoes To Your Suit: A Guide

A well-dressed man does more than look good for a day, he sets a standard for fashion. The secret has to do with more than just the outfit.

The clothes make the man when a good men's dress shoe work hard for him as well. 

Matching shoes with what you're wearing for the day comes with benefits. It makes picking out the right suit easy. It also polishes off the look you're trying to shoot for, whether it's casual or high fashion. 

Simple fact: coordinating your shoes with your outfit makes you look good from head to toe. Period! 

Are you lost when it comes to matching your colors? We've got all the info you need to know about matching men's dress shoes to your suit.

Consider the Season and the Occasion When It Comes to Matching a Men's Dress Shoe

Coordinating clothing and shoes isn't reserved for the female dress code. Men can style from head to toe to and make a fashion statement as well. 

Doing so means considering the season and the occasion

The right color shoe and where you're going matter. You wouldn't wear a pair of athletic shoes for a winter wedding like you wouldn't go to play basketball in a pair of dress shoes. 

For an office dinner party, consider a loafer. Loafers dress up a pair of jeans or khakis, especially if you're sporting a dinner jacket. If the occasion calls for a more traditional party look, go with a tassel loafer. 


The Color and Style of Your Suit

The normal rule of thumb is to not go full matchy-matchy, but don't go far to the left either. Your shoes should at least be in the shade family as your suit pants, just not the exact same color.  

Always go with a darker color shoe. The darker the color of your suit, the darker the color of your shoes. 

1. Black Suit/Black Tie

A black suit denotes formal wear and always pairs perfectly with black shoes. Keep the look traditional and steer away from multicolored shoes. 

2. Navy-Colored Suits

Navy suits give you more leeway in the style department. A brown shoe is complimentary, but almost any color shoe works with navy. Make sure your belt matches your shoes to give it a more flattering look. 

3. Charcoal (Grey) Suits

Charcoal grey pairs well with darker hues. You can step past the traditional black shoe and go with oxblood or dark brown. 

4. Brown or Linen Suits 

Different hues of brown and black shoes flatter linen and brown suits very well. You can vary the shades from light to dark. Consider a brown dress boot or suede loafer.   

Better yet, leather oxfords go with almost anything. 

Let the Shoes Do the Work

No more getting lost in your closet trying to figure out which men's dress shoe works best with your suit. Use this guide to picking the right shoe to compliment your look—traditional or casual. 

Let us give you hand. Take a look at our custom guide to find the right shoe and accessory. 

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