The Future Of Shoe Purchasing: An Introduction To Our 3D Shoe Customizer

The Future Of Shoe Purchasing: An Introduction To Our 3D Shoe Customizer

Modern shoes really started making appearances from the second half of the 20th century. They came in more designs, shapes, sizes, and colours. More production meant more varieties of shoes but still, we had to rely on what the brands decided to make. However, with the help of the latest 3D shoe customizer, you can design your own shoe!

Buying shoes has never been easier. You do not even need to step out of the house thanks to the internet and home delivery system. But there was still this one gap that needed to be filled. And that is the ability to customize your favourite shoe.

We all have different opinions regarding colour, materials, and designs. Truth be told we can sometimes be really nit-picky when it comes to choosing the right shoe and a little personalized touch can make it even better.
“Get Inspired” The 3D Shoe Customizer
This hefty little software has been introduced by Smith & Digby and is available on the website MensDressShoe. This software enables you to customize many details about the shoe. MensDressShoe already has an enormous collection of mens dress shoes, to choose from.

Their collection includes a shoe for every occasion. From Oxford, Derby, Brogues, Wingtips to Monk straps, and mens dress boots they have it all.

And having this amazing software allows you to customize those shoes according to your preference and make it more appealing.
How Does It Work?
Simply click on the “Custom” tab and you will be taken to a page that has a huge collection of shoes and mens dress boots. Here you can narrow down your search results by choosing different filters based on materials, models, designs, and soles.

They recently added the option to customize belts as well.

You can either search for the shoe or just scroll down and go through their random collection. Click on any shoe and it will display all the details about it. It will tell you what material it is made of and even give you some useful fashion tips regarding the shoe.

Click on the bottom “Customize” and voila! Here you can be your own shoe connoisseur. On the right, you will find the customization bar that allows you to change almost every significant detail about the shoe.
What Can You Customize?
As we previously mentioned almost every significant part of the shoe can be customized to your liking. From colours to materials you can change it all. You do not have to start from scratch and make a shoe. You can select a shoe that you find to your liking and change or add more details about it.

The Components Customization
Here you change the many different details of the shoe. You can change the finishing of the shoe. Add a punch capped design in the toe cap and even change the design of the welt of the shoe.

You can change the soles of the shoes and decide what type you want. There are leather soles, rubber soles, wedge soles, commando soles, and even jogging soles to choose from. Among these different soles, there are also a few different designs.

And lastly, you can also add some pretty cool accessories to make those mens dress boots look even better.

The Color Customization
Once you are happy with the customization of the components you can move down to the colour option. You are allowed to change the colour of every single part of the shoe. Even the tiniest parts like the metals in the lace holes can be coloured according to your liking.

You can change the colour of the straps, buckles, laces, belts, linings, welts, and even soles. The colour palette is also very rich and has tons of colours to choose from.

Take your time while customizing both the components and the colours to make the best mens dress boots. It might get a bit overwhelming for some people to have the ability to customize all these different parts but it sure is worth it when you want to add a few personal touches to it.

Finally, once you are done with the details you can place your newly customized shoe for the order, and the manufacturers will take care of it but remember you may not get all the things that you customized.

This is because of a few different reasons. The company may be out of stock of a few materials or components. Some attachments or colours may not actually go with the shoe in which case it would be better to leave it to the professional to tweak it up a bit and make sure your customized bits are also there on the shoe without compromising its quality.

You can even share your customized designs on social media and ask for your friends’ and families’ opinions on it.

The 3D shoe customizer significantly enhances the customer experience in buying mens dress shoes. With a click of a button, you can add, change, and even replace materials, colours, and accessories to see how the shoe would look like.

The changes are also made instantaneously without any lagging which makes it easier for you to compare and contrast.

This software has turned out to be useful for both the buyer and the seller. With it, the consumer can easily make a few changes and the sellers can also get a better insight into what the customers actually want in mens dress shoe.

Giant shoe companies like Nike, United Nude, and Feetz are taking this to another level and are offering 3D printed shoes where the customers can create customized shoes for themselves. While the 3D shoe customizer by Smith & Digby may not be that advanced, it still allows the users a myriad of options to choose from.

And with its existing collection, you are bound to find something to your liking!
Shoes have come a long way and technology is helping it advance further. This latest 3D shoe customizer will allow you the perfect shoe for you. And who knows, with the help of the software you might just create a trendy design that everyone would love to have. The possibilities are almost endless.
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